The Delivery Man

Delivery man




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  • The Delivery Man is probably one of the most complicated NPCs in Minecolony. You can craft the delivery man chest by putting 8 wooden planks at the sides of the crafting table then a chest in the middle. The Delivery Man goes to the chests of workers (resident chests are untouched) and collects resources. After doing this, the Delivery Man will put all of the resources gathered to his chest. He also gives resources to workers only if necessary and the Delivery Man has this tool in his chests (ex. the miner destroys a pickaxe, the delivery man will give him a pickaxe in his chest then the miner gets it).

    It should be noted that if you build a warehouse in the newer versions, items will be stored on the Racks and taken automatically, upgrading the Delivery Man's inventory space and allowing the player to micromanage less. Combining this with a variety of producers (ex. the miner, sawmill, and fisherman) can dramatically reduce the amount of time one has to be spend gathering resources and crafting.