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Welcome to the MineColony WikiEdit

The indie game Minecraft, which was created by Notch. MineColony was first created by Thomas Lacuzzini and momentary maintained by Vlad11, rscott and Heho. To learn how to start your own village, see the Getting Started page, then explore to see what else you can build

The Original Statement from LacuzziniEdit

"I am creating a mod which will be some sort of a village simulator with similar mechanics to Anno 1602. The mod gives you an opportunity to create and manage your own colony in Minecraft. In future various buildings will require certain resources to build them. For instance Lumberjack's hut will consume 100 planks, 20 sandstone and 5 axes. These resources will be crafted/mined by workers." - Thomas Lacuzzini creator of MineColony


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Latest activityEdit

Ok i try to put down a farmers hut but it wont let me and I allso tried with the miner and got the same output, could anyone help me? - You have to build a few things first, see the link I just put in above to see if it helps..