Tips And Tricks To Make Your Colony Edit

FARMERS Have the farmer in the middle of some sand but put in mind that you should put dirt maybe some 10x10. This is because the farmer can go overboard and plant every where. If you put dirt around where you want the farmer to plant seeds so that he doesn't ruin the landscape.

Also farmers can get stuck so make sure the land is flat. Farmers don't crush crops, so you don't have to worry about that.


The lumberjack are the most likely to return to there hut every 5 seconds. On my game they don't plant the trees again. So I have one hut on a 34 by 34 land in the middle of the land is the hut and rows 4 blocks apart are dirt and every 5 blocks is a tree planted, by the time the lumberjack has cut all the trees down he has managed to plant a few which grow.


DON'T PLACE ON SAND[Desert]! Place it on a biome that has dirt surface[flatlands,tundra,etc.] otherwise they will kill themselves. {In my game they have started to mine at their huts. Other than that are easy.}


Place signs high in the air over where you want them to go.If you have a path, make bridges that pass over the farmer or the miner. You have to place a sign next to the chest you want him to collect. Place more chests in a user make factory one that is 16 by 24 I like the best has lots of storage because the factory in the mod isn't very good seems rushed compered to the other huts. Can fall down holes very easily.

More to come on this page if you want to edit it you can feel free to add don't take away we all have our say.

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MORE.... Soldier (barracks) If you play on easy to hard mode, you need soldiers to guard your citizens. Adding a tower helps you control the guard and adding warning bell could warn you of mob presence.

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